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Hygga is the most popular real-time ERP solution in the Nordic countries. This is despite attempts to minimize the need to use the software, and to instead only use it sparingly as a part of operations.  We cherish our value values that guide our operations: Bravery, Cooperation and The joy of life.  What does these values tell about Hygga?

”We want to make health care solutions easier and to improve their quality, on the customers’ terms”. This was the thought that kickstarted Hygga in 2010. Since the beginning, we have sought to do work that is meaningful to our customers, and to support the health care work done by experts. We have tried many things that might have seemed crazy at first, but currently these brave solutions have stand out in favor and allowed us to spread the joy of life to over a million people already.

We continue to challenge and dust out old ways of doing things. In cooperation with our dental care clinic, we have developed an ERP concept for health care that has been proven to help organizations improve their operations using resources they already have.