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Hygga, founded in 2010, is a Finnish pioneer in digital services for health care services. Hygga develops modern real-time resource planning solutions for the health care sector. The resource planning model, focused on resource and process management, is a solution that is widely used in both the public and the private sector because of its great scalability. Municipal customers who have implemented the resource planning model include Porvoo, Kirkkonummi, Rauma and Jyväskylä. In Sweden, Örebro is also a satisfied customer. In the spring 2020, the Hygga Flow operating model was also introduced at two private clinics in the Netherlands and one in Belgium.

Our showroom

The Hygga clinic, located inside Kamppi shopping centre at the heart of Helsinki, operates as a showroom for the model and offers private dental care quickly, while also adapting to the needs of individual customers.  With its 16 treatment rooms, the clinic is one of Finland’s largest dental clinics.  A unique combination of bold talent in both clinical operations and information technology has made it possible to create a wonderful platform that can be used to build new solutions for the needs of the future.

Modern operating model

Our modern operating model improves manageability, promotes staff satisfaction and clarifies the customer experience through modern methods. Our mission is to offer easily accessible high-quality health care services to everyone, internationally.  Our most important values Courage, Cooperation and Joy of Life are reflected in everything we do. About 85 joyful Hygga employees are currently working in the centre of Helsinki, in Kamppi.

International steps

Investment company Panostaja owns a majority stake in Hygga. Other owners are key figures in the company. Hygga Solutions is a model that has been proven to be effective and is in use in Nordic countries. The company’s goal is to expand internationally through Hygga Solutions.  The Association for Finnish Work has granted Hygga a Key Flag and Design From Finland recognition as a sign of Finnish work and service innovation.