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Thank you for 2021, welcome 2022!


Meet us at Swedental-fair on 17th to 19th November!

Join the largest exhibition and congress for dental and oral health in Scandinavia.

Greetings from Sweden

Hygga brings flow to healthcare in Örebro

Hygga in cooperation with Dental Mammoth

Dental Mammoth LTD and Hygga LTD have teamed up in order to improve the quality and availability of oral health care services both domestically and internationally.

Hygga Flow benefits during and after COVID-19 epidemic

Hygga enables safe and smooth dental healthcare services even during these exceptional times. Learn more about the benefits of our model during and after the COVID-19 epidemic!

Hygga in numbers!

We celebrate the Tenth Anniversary!

Hygga is part of the Aster project

Hygga is part of the Aster project led by the Central Finland Hospital District.

New markets for Hygga Flow in Netherlands

New pilot clinics in Netherlands

Porvoo’s dental and general healthcare

Hygga Flow brings a whole new flow to healthcare in Porvoo

Hygga Flow benefits during and after the Corona epidemic

Read more how Hygga Flow solution can help your clinic during and after the Covid-19.

Hygga participates in HIMSS 2019!

Join the world's biggest event for digital healthcare solutions.

Meet us at IDS-fair on 13th to 16th March!

Hygga's representatives are available for meetings at the fair.

Hygga Flow proceeds in Luleå

Pilotproject in Luleå was noticed in Swedish media.

Finland’s most inspiring workplaces 2018

Hygga was awarded!

Data Management Networking Day

Hygga's speech will be held on Thursday 17th of January!

Great success in Hygga Benchmarking II

Plenty of good debate and new ideas between all the participants!