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Hygga offers its customers a new way of providing health care services by making smart use of staff resources and leading through information. The innovative and intelligent model is built around our modern ERP system Hygga Flow. Real-time resource management increases control over functionality, makes operations more transparent, significantly improves staff satisfaction, and enhances the customer experience through modern methods. The intelligent model is suitable for both dental care and general health care because it does not take a stand for clinical work.

Hygga Flow in practice


The implementation of the solution is easily achieved through the close collaboration and support of the designated service manager and the entire service team. We tailor the service package to your preferences: for example, you can select a simple ERP system and later expand it to the full range of services. In a full-service package, you get the most out of the ERP system with the expertise and analytical support of our service team.

Functional dental care

Development of dental care services has been the basis of our operations since the beginning, since our operating model has taken its current shape through years of refinement. Positive experiences relayed by the organization, staff and customers have strengthened the model’s position as a functional dental care solution. 

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General health care

Positive experiences with dental health care have shown our model to also have potential for producing similar benefits for general healthcare. Our easily scalable ERP system can also be made to suit the specific needs of general healthcare.

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