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In 2010 A dental practice with a novel concept was opened in Kamppi – Hygga (previously Megaklinikka) entered the market with a completely new operating model that makes it possible for customer and professional to meet in a way that is flexible and takes the customer’s needs into account. Creating a novel operating model for the health care sector did not go completely without its hiccups, but with the help of customer feedback and dedication of our personnel we were able consolidate our position as one of Helsinki’s largest dental practices. Operations were developed at our own clinic over several years and our operating model also started to raise the interest of some municipal operators.

Time for Hygga Solutions

Investment company Panostaja purchased a majority stake in Hygga in 2015. This enabled the launch of Hygga’s service operations, Hygga Solutions, and finally made it possible to offer the pioneering operating model to others. In accordance with our values, Hygga’s operations progressed through cooperation and expanded to the public health care sector. A pilot project carried out in cooperation with the City of Jyväskylä at Palokka dental practice produced excellent results: waiting lists became considerably shorter during the 3-month test period. Waiting lists that used to be 5 months long were reduced to just 1 month! According to a study conducted by Aalto University in 2015, the dental practice was able to treat up to 1,500 more patients with the same resources during the pilot period in March-December 2015.

Based on the successful results in Jyväskylä, our operations expanded to various Finnish cities and a total of 500,000 customers have already been treated using our operating model. As our operations have expanded, our service operations have also been developed in line with customer feedback and experience. One of our new services includes a biannual joint Benchmarking event that offers an opportunity to develop and assess operations together with other customers.

Hygga entered into a new era in 2018 when we launched our first pilot project in the basic health care sector. The pilot project conducted in cooperation with the City of Rauma’s health care services is off to a good start at Rauma’s first aid health services and the project is expected to provide results that are at least as impressive than the results of the Jyväskylä pilot.

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