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Hygga is a Finnish dental clinic founded in 2010 in Kamppi. The Kamppi Unit is one of Finland’s largest dental clinics, with 17 treatment rooms.

Around 100 oral health professionals work in Hygga. Dentists, dental hygienists, dental nurses, and reception and equipment maintenance staff form a multidisciplinary team that aims to provide our customers with the finest dental care in Finland. The clinic works as a showroom for Hygga’s innovative resource management system, Hygga Flow. Close cooperation between Hygga’s IT & service team and clinic’s dental care professionals has helped to develop the system to answer the needs of personnel.

Hygga wants to break the traditional perception of what dental clinics are all about. The goal is that the positive attitude of personnel and high clinical quality are reflected in every customer experience. The personnel is committed and eager to hear about how well they have succeeded. Therefore it is possible to actively develop the business on the basis of the feedback received.

The staff’s ideas and suggestions have a major impact on company’s development. Hygga invests in occupational wellbeing and fosters unique team spirit.  The good customer care is ensured by taking good care of all employees.

In addition to its clinical operations and administration, Hygga has its own IT team which develops its digital systems and services. The team also serves our licensing customers i.e. municipalities and cities, which have adopted our ERP system and resource management process.