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The most used healthcare resource management solution in the Nordic countries is Hygga’s handiwork. Our modern real-time resource management system has served over a million customers in both Finland and Sweden. Our service model is proven to increase staff and customer satisfaction by making operations more efficient and fluent. With Hygga Flow you can reach the full potential of your clinic: already over 500 000 succesful treatment visits with Hygga Flow gives a great proof of concept.

The business value

Proven efficiency

Aalto University research (Nenonen,T. 2015) proves that with Hygga’s operating model unit is able to produce +90% more procedures and to treat +68% more patients annually than the traditional model in relation to the amount of clinical staff.

Source: Aalto University research Nenonen, T. (2015)

Affiliate opportunities

We offer our partner companies a great opportunity to build a software sales and consulting business. We support the success with of our flexible partnership program, which includes continuous marketing, sales and technical support. If your company has the prior knowledge or the desire to expand in the healthcare sector, Hygga Flow provides an excellent tool for the next step. Hygga’s software products are scalable and tailored to the needs of different customer organizations. Thanks to the open interfaces, the products can be integrated into various patient information systems. As Hygga’s partner you have the opportunity to sell, market and provide software support and services in your market area. The professionals at our own Hygga-clinic are always at your disposal to ensure the success of the project!

Our customers appreciate the Hygga Flow -solution as it offers the keys to future challenges:

There is a global shortage of nursing staff in health care. The same work must be done with a smaller number of employees.
Customer satisfaction has an increasing importance in competitive enviroment.
In order to be able to deliver healthcare efficiently in the future, new operating models are needed.

Partnership models

Hygga’s partnership models have a variety of options that can be the ideal entity for your business:

1. Software resale is a great option if you want to extend your offer with both Hygga Flow software licenses and the related expert service. The software provides an excellent contact surface and continuous turnover along with the services.

2.An expert partnership is great for you if you see your customers needs to develop ERP and would like to act as a facilitator and expert in projects

3.The consultation partnership is designed especially for organizations with competent health care consultants, especially if you want to expand your offer and deepen your customer relationship with software-related services.