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For us, the smooth everyday life of healthcare, happy staff and satisfied customers are always at the heart of productivity. We know it firsthand because we develop solutions from expert to expert. We promise more time for operative work and taking care of the patients more thoroughly.

Our mission is to enable smooth healthcare services for everybody. We challenge the traditional way of operating, enabling smoother healthcare services and providing better data to support information management. With our Hygga Flow model, treatment queues are shortened and access to care is faster, which significantly improves the availability of healthcare services.

With the help of our partners, we build trust, share our knowledge, and improve awareness and practices that enable smoother healthcare services. We cooperate with out partners in Finland and in the international markets.

Our partners share our values ​​of courage, cooperation, and joy of life, based on which we act and dare to do things differently. We continue to strive to challenge the old models and ways of operating, aiming for a better outcome and customer experience.

In co-operation with Hygga: