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In co-operation: Straight Dental

We are driven to create a new standard based on humanity, quality, and transparency. Every dental practitioner and every patient simply deserve the best. We commit ourselves everyday, together with our team and our clients, to achieve this new standard.

We believe in connections, satisfaction and impact that arises when people, possibilities, products, and knowledge are brought together. We are 100 % committed to optimizing patient comfort and work satisfaction in every practice. A small investment can make a mega impact and that is what drives us. If we as Straight Dental do what we do best – finding and selecting the highest quality products for dentists and dental hygienists and providing excellent service – you can do your job in the best and most pleasant way. For you and your patient.

Hygga’s distribution agreement with Straight Dental in 2019 has proved to be very productive. With the help of Straight Dental, Hygga Flow has already been introduced in private clinics in the Netherlands and in Belgium. The pilot clinics utilize Hygga Flow model in their operations.

More information about Hygga Flow in Belgium and Netherlands can be found from our partner clinics own websites:





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