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Functional dental care

Hygga Flow for dental health care offers modern operating model that covers an entire clinic, providing support for each stage of customership, from bookings to the end of treatment. Hygga Flow has proven to improve dental clinics processes promoting the welfare of the staff and improving customer experience significantly.

Satisfied staff and customers

For staff, the model creates an atmosphere of solid teamwork by making the health care more fluent for both patients and professionals. The latter can better focus on the core of their work, i.e. great overall treatment and encountering patients as individuals. The organization can then utilize valuable data to support decision-making and leadership. Data is presented in an understandable format, and can be easily exported into various systems. Together with our data analyst, management can think about possible areas of development based on the gathered data.

Comparison of traditional and modern

In traditional dental care model, the total duration of the treatment period may be up to 9 months. In the Hygga Solutions model, the total duration of the treatment period is condensed for only 1-3 months! By treating everything at once, oral health problems do not need to grow larger between visits, which also saves time and money.

Development of dental care services has been the basis of our operations since the beginning, since our operating model has taken its current shape through years of refinement. Positive experiences relayed by the organization, staff and customers have strengthened the model’s position as a functional dental care solution.

The inspiration for Hygga’s real-time resource management model started from the urge to improve own Hygga -dental clinics actions. The Hygga- clinic is working as a important showroom and development platform while creating new functions. In dental healthcare area Hygga has succeeded in both private and public sectors. Our clients are Finnish and Swedish healthcare practicioners, who are interested to improve their units processes.  We value our clients opinions and wishes in our process and system development.  Cooperation and open conversation is one of our key factors to drvie our ideas forward.

We believe that everyone has a right to healthcare services with quality and ease. In Hygga we want to help our clients to provide patients correct care in timely manner.  It is important to give health care professionals all the tools to make us of their expertise in best way. Our goal is to help in maintaining good quality of work also in future.

Proven efficiency

Aalto University research (Nenonen,T. 2015) proves that with Hygga’s operating model unit is able to produce +90% more procedures and to treat +68% more patients annually than the traditional model in relation to the amount of clinical staff.

Source: Aalto University research Nenonen, T. (2015)