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General health care

With proven efficiency from dental healthcare sector, the solution Hygga Flow scales also well for general healthcare sector.

Real-time resource management

Our easily scalable real-time resource management system Hygga Flow can also be made to suit the specific needs of general health care. With the help of the model, rush-time reception operations can be made more controllable by making sure that staff is always up to date on the status of operations. Customers’ treatment experience is enhanced, since they can be given more accurate information about waiting times. Reception operations are made more fluent through smart control over treatment. Data gathered about operations produces new information about them, which can then be used for further improvements.

In 2020 Hygga Flow was also introduced in the city of Porvoo Main Healthcare Center. The starting point for the co-operation was that the Porvoo Healthcare Center wanted to increase the efficiency of the healthcare center’s operations with existing resources and to improve the staff’s satisfaction and manageability of the operations. Read more about our journey with the city of Porvoo from here.

Hygga Flow streamlines patient flow at Porvoo Healthcare Center