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Porvoo’s dental and general healthcare

Hygga brings a whole new flow to healthcare in Porvoo

Hygga started dental healthcare collaboration with the city of Porvoo in March 2017. Hygga’s ERP system, Hygga Flow, is based on a multi-room model where staff resources can be managed in real-time according to patients’ need for care. Porvoo named its’ clinic as Sujuva Suu, which is based on the Hygga Flow operating model. Porvoo has verified Hygga’s model to be efficient and it has significantly shortened the queues for dental healthcare and provided flexibility in the duration of the treatment.

As Hygga Flow allows more flexible treatment times for patients, it also provide more fluent cooperation between healthcare professionals. The model enables not to tie up treatment rooms, treatment times and staff. The starting time and duration of the treatment are controlled by the information system provided by Hygga. Patient receives a text message about the exact time 30 minutes before the start of the treatment.

Hygga Flow in general healtcare

In  2020 Hygga Flow was also introduced on the general healthcare sector in the city of Porvoo Main Healthcare Center. The aim was to give more flexibility to customer appointments and availability and increase the efficiency of the operations with existing resources and to improve the staff satisfaction and manageability. Now there are over 40 treatment rooms in use, which are controlled by Hygga’s information system. In addition to the normal appointments, there is also a rush-time reception (emergency) in use.

Hygga Flow in practice

Porvoo’s patient information system, Lifecare, and several other key internal systems are integrated into the Hygga Flow system. Upon arrival at the reception of the doctor and nurse, patient will enter the main lobby and register with the self-registration devices provided by Hygga. Registration can be done with a barcode ID card, Kela card, driver’s license or by entering personal identity number, after which the device guides the patient to the right place waiting for the doctor or nurse.

Also, those who are arriving at a rush-time reception come via a self-registration device, from where they receive a shift number at a service point to assess the need for Triage emergency care.

Hygga provides a real-time information for customers on screens about their queue and waiting times as well as route guidance to the treatment room.

How does Hygga Flow work at City of Porvoo Healthcare Center?

Get to know our customer’s experiences of Hygga Flow in general healthcare in Porvoo. In the video below, Susanna Varilo, chief physician, and Jaana Pietiläinen, ward nurse, share their experiences.

Read more about Hygga Flow here.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Additional information about our journey with Porvoo, please contact Joni Pietiläinen (Customer Insight) or Christoffer Nordström (Digital Solution). Contact info here.

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