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Pori’s dental healthcare

The new era of dental healthcare

Real-time resource management system Hygga Flow was introduced in Pori’s central dental healthcare center in October 2017. The introduction of the new system was completed without problems making former procedures more convenient also for the staff. With the support of Hygga-service team the operating model named ”Kehrä” has been received with  joy by both staff and customers.

Kehrä is a new operating model for dental healthcare in Pori, which focuses especially on completing the whole essential dental care for healthy adult customers at one appointment. This enables more efficient management of the customer-flow and reduces the amount of multiple appointments. During the first week after the launching Kehrä in Pori, 70 % of the customers had their whole essential dental care completed during one appointment. Customers are included in Kehrä-model flexibly without inner boundaries of basic security- for example from Merikarvia or Ulvila. Customers have been very satisfied with Kehrä-solution and the staff in Pori has received a lot of positive feedback.

Hygga’s service team is commended fast by Pori, assistance and advices are always available. Their change of operating model has also been noticed by their customers. In the early stages of the cooperation with Hygga, the most important goal was to break down the queues in Pori. During the first month, the waiting time was halved from six months to three months. “Customers are really pleased! We don’t have actual queue anymore.” says Pori’s head of dentistry Riitta Eskola about the current situation. In Pori, the operating model is currently operating in ten treatment rooms.

More versatile job description

Personnel has experienced Hygga’s approach has changed their job profile to become more versatile and rewarding. “Dental hygienists act also as dental assistants, and changing of working pairs brings a nice energy to work. The compiler plays a very important role thanks to the new model, and thus facilitates the work of nurses, “Eskola praises. Skills are developing when the job profile is expanded. In addition to the diversification of work, the feeling of rush has decreased. The professionals can focus on their core competencies in peace, promoting patient care and careful healthcare.

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