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Hygga’s dental healthcare

Hygga-clinic is located in the Heart of Helsinki: Kamppi.  The clinic works as a showroom for our Hygga Flow- resource management system. Since 2010 the inspiration for Hygga has been to create dental care services more accesible with guaranteed high-quality, always according to patients needs.  Today Hygga-clinic treats more than 100 patients daily with “all-at-once”-method. Quick access tot the treatment,  stress-free and non-hurried treatment experience and experiences professional create together pleasant enviroment for each visitor.

Around 80 oral health professionals work in Hygga. Dentists, dental hygienists, dental nurses, and reception and equipment maintenance staff form a multidisciplinary team that aims to provide our customers with the finest dental care in Finland. The clinic works as a showroom for Hygga’s innovative resource management system, Hygga Flow. Close cooperation between Hygga’s IT & service team and clinic’s dental care professionals has helped to develop the system to answer the needs of personnel.

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