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Rauma’s dental and general healthcare

From dental healthcare to general healthcare

The city of Rauma chose Hygga’s operating model as a provider of its own dental healthcare unit in 2016. Rauma named their model as Halssi and introduced it on 9th of January, 2017. The model works under normal reception activity and aims to complete the whole essential dental care on only one visit. Halssi currently has 8 treatment rooms in their use.

Rauma’s project had a speedy start: meetings together with Hygga’s service team mapped the unit’s current situation and specific needs for the future. Their appointed service manager guided the project from design level to smooth deployment. The role of the service manager as an important support provider continues through cooperation and plays an important role in the future development of the model. The service team has been very useful in utilizing the operating model, and Rauma has been very happy with the support provided by the team. Thanks to successful cooperation, Rauma has selected Hygga to implement pilot project project for the city’s primary health care.

The growth of team spirit achieved by well-being at work

The customers have come up with a lot of positive feedback within the introduction of the Hygga’s operating model. “The queues have evaporated and customers get essential treatment much faster than before! Customers have been very pleased with the reform. “rejoices Rauma’s dental practitioner Kati Isotupa. Successful customer experience has also been influenced by the increased work well-being among their staff.

Hygga’s operating model has attracted special praise from the personnel. In a traditional model, work pairs stays the same always without changes. In the Hygga -model, the first free professional is selected to receive the patient, with an occasional work partner. “Team spirit has truly grown in the workplace! Before many of them saw their co-workers only in the meetings. Today, work pairs change and colleagues see each other more: this brings a lot of new enthusiasm and inspiration to work, “says Isotupa.

The possibility to regulate treatment time also during treatment is important benefit for the staff. “Work stress is diminishing and concentration doesn’t go to worrying about daily schedule.  I can reduce the time from the planned time, so the clinical time can be better utilized. With better working peace, the quality of care remains excellent, “explains Isotupa about the treatment process.

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