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Greetings from Sweden

Hygga Flow in the municipality of Lindesberg

Örebro is one of Sweden’s 21 public dental care counties. The municipality of Lindesberg, part of Örebro County, introduced Hygga Flow in its dental care unit in 2020.

Folktandvården Lindesberg run Hygga Flow as an evaluation pilot. The pilot period began on September 3, 2020 and will continue until the end of February 2022. At this point they use Hygga Flow on the whole clinic, 9 treatment rooms, 3 days per week including all patients except the ones that requires a named professional.

The long-term collaboration between Hygga and Örebro County aims to provide more care for the patients in every visit and smoother healthcare services by optimizing the resources. Our cooperation with Örebro has got a good start, although deployment and support have been handled remotely due to the corona pandemic and restrictions. Still the operations at the clinic run very well and they fully use the model and gain the benefits that the Hygga Flow model gives. Hygga and Folktandvården Region Örebro Län, have a close cooperation and are continuously exploring how we can streamline and run even smoother the operations and how to find the best practices and support.

According to Anna Elvenäs, Lindesberg’s dental unit operations manager, one of the benefits the model offers is that during sick leaves, you don’t need to cancel the appointments, no empty rooms in case of a professional is absent as you always have a professional for the patient. This has brought a relief to everyday life and better sense of the daily flow of patients.

According to the experience of the staff of the unit, it has been very pleasant to work with a model that enables to concentrate the patient without stress about busy schedules in the workplace. Customer (patient) satisfaction has also improved significantly with faster access to treatment and more care at once.

We would like to thank the professionals of the municipality of Lindesberg for their great work and cooperation. If you would like to hear more about our operations in Sweden, feel free to contact our account manager for the Swedish market, Anders Strandh. He can be reached by email

Have a great summer,
team Hygga