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Hygga participated in EmP2022 conference in Belgium

EmP2022 is the first Engineer meets Physician conference, held by the RADar innovation center of AZ Delta. The conference focused on data aspects within healthcare research & innovation. EmP2022 invited researchers and doctorate students to participate by submitting a conference paper within themes data handling, data preparation, data harvesting or data benefit.

We are very delighted that Hygga was invited to the conference, and we were able to showcase how to apply data-driven workflow practice from dentistry into hospitals.

Our CDO Christoffer Nordström gave a speech on the subject remotely and presented how value-based resource optimization provides great benefits and truly brings flow to healthcare.

Please check out the full paper here: How to apply data-driven workflow practice from dentistry into hospitals

If you are interested to hear more, please contact us:

Christoffer Nordström, Chief Digital Officer
+358 40 525 1231

Our distributors in Belgium and Netherlands:

William Ryckaert, Distributor (Belgium)
+32 467 09 10 33

Thijs ten Hag, Distributor (Netherlands)
+31 020 22 99 0 99