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Hygga in cooperation with Dental Mammoth

Dental Mammoth LTD and Hygga LTD have teamed up in order to improve the quality and availability of oral health care services both domestically and internationally. It is also hoped that said collaboration will help create more efficient oral health care services for current and future clients.

“Hygga is an innovative partner, and our collaboration will help us reach common goals to improve the  quality and efficiency of dental care internationally. Both organizations share a deep understanding of the nature of the work, daily lives and resources of dental professionals. We are able to share our combined expertise for the benefit of our customers by creating solutions that make processes more efficient”, says Heikki Autti, CEO of Dental Mammoth LTD.

“Dental Mammoth is a Finnish pioneer of sorts in this field, which, like Hygga LTD, invests in the development of oral health care in addition to the efficiency of knowledge management. Such cooperation is aimed especially at the international market, increasing Finnish awareness of the industry’s expertise in both Central European and Indian markets. The solid foundation for cooperation is the high degree of practical understanding and expertise of both parties in clinical operations and their respective development needs”, explains Jussi Heiniö, CEO of Hygga Oy.

More information about our journey together can be found here.