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Hygga in numbers!

Hygga turned 10 years in October 2020

Today, there are already 125 of us working at Hygga or as we call us by the name of “hyggalaiset”. As the clinic business expands with the City of Helsinki’s dental health care purchased service, we will continue to recruit new experts in our Hygga clinic. Additional recruitment for Hygga’s service business, IT-development team and the service team has been started during this autumn. So there will be more of us working at Hygga next year.

Our ERP model, Hygga Flow, is already in use in nine dental health care units in Finland and in two municipalities on the general health care side. On the dental health care side, a total of 86 treatment rooms are operated using the Hygga Flow model, and in general health care our model is already in use in more than 40 treatment rooms in the city of Porvoo and Rauma.

All in all, the Hygga Flow model operates today in four different countries, in 16 different units and in a total of 184 treatment rooms. With the Hygga Flow model, more than 500,000 treatments have already been performed, and next year we expect growth for our own Hygga clinic with up to 60,000 new patients.

What has our customers achieved with Hygga Flow? Check out the benefits and solutions of the Hygga Flow model through our customer references here.